Do  you want…

  • Peace of mind that your roof is in good condition?
  • Proactive maintenance tips on how to keep your roof in good shape?
  • To ensure your roof is ready for the next monsoon season?
  • A thorough evaluation of the condition of your roof and what repairs it might need?
  • An honest opinion about your roof by an objective 3rd party without a sales pitch at the end?

Whatever you want, we can help. 

Contact us for more information or book an appointment for a roof inspection – 520-261-9348.


Roof Inspection FAQ

How does your roof inspection work?

We inspect your roof from outside the home under the eaves (if applicable), from the inside of the home, from the attic (if applicable), and by walking on the roof (if safely possible). 

What if it is not possible to walk on the roof (too steep, wet/rain, etc.)?

We will put a ladder up around the exterior of the home and inspect it from as many vantage points as possible, using binoculars if necessary. 

Do you inspect 2nd or 3rd story roofs? 

For safety reasons, we usually only inspect 1st story roofs. However, if a 2nd story roof is easily and safely accessible, we will inspect it as well. 

How long does the roof inspection take? 

As long as necessary to get as much information about the roof as possible. An hour or so is typical; more if it is a larger home. 

What happens after the inspection?

We give you a summary of the issues we found, answer any questions you might have, and provide suggestions for repair and maintenance if applicable. 

Do I get a written report? 

Yes. Within 24 hours of the inspection, we will send you a detailed report with many photos, lots of information, and guidance for repair and maintenance. 

Why should I trust you with a roof inspection? You’re not a roofer.  

As part of performing home inspections, we have years of experience inspecting roofs, documenting roof issues, finding roof leaks and defects, and providing expert roof maintenance guidance. 

Do you promise not to try to sell me anything afterwards?

Yes, promise! We have no interest in selling you anything else. Our job as a neutral observer is to show up, observe, report, and leave. 

Do you have any additional qualifications that can assure me that you know what you’re doing?

We are certified for roof inspections by the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association (NRCIA). We continuously take additional training classes and workshops to expand our knowledge and ensure it is current. 

National Roof Certification And Inspection Association
National Roof Certification And Inspection Association

Contact us for more information or book an appointment for a roof inspection – 520-261-9348.

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