So you are getting ready to sell your house. But are you prepared for what happens when you get an offer from a potential buyer? They will hire a professional home inspector to check your house and point out all its flaws. The buyer will use that information against you. They will either negotiate a discount on the price, ask for costly repairs to be done, a significant credit at closing, or possibly even decide to cancel the contract and walk away, leaving you hanging.

How can you prepare?

You hire a professional home inspector to perform a pre-listing inspection before you put your house on the market. This way you have a home inspector working for you, not against you. When you hire us for a pre-listing inspection, we will check out your house for you. We will make you aware of any issues the buyer’s inspector might find to use against you. This allows you to address them on your terms and avoid unpleasant surprises.

In addition, when you list your house and provide the pre-listing inspection report plus documentation for any repairs or services you had done, it will make your house stand out. It shows that you are an honest seller with nothing to hide.

Be In Control Of The Deal

By knowing about any issues and addressing them beforehand, you are taking away the negotiation leverage from the buyer. This ensures that you get the best price possible for your house.

Contact Desert Diamond Home Inspections today to schedule a pre-listing inspection. 

You will be glad you did.

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Alex & Mojo Thumbs Up