• Is your home inspector too busy?
  • Is your home inspector unreliable?
  • Do you have to wait forever to get the inspection report?
  • Does your inspector lack communication or customer service skills?
  • Has your home inspector repeatedly killed deals by scaring your clients?
  • Is your home inspector retiring?

We can help you

We take pride in being the go-to home inspector for many real estate agents here in Tucson. We have built relationships based on mutual trust and respect with many real estate agents who consistently keep referring us to their clients and their real estate colleagues for the following reasons:

Fast report delivery: We deliver our inspection reports to you and your clients usually by the end of the day of the inspection, and always within 24 hours of inspection end – guaranteed. 

Excellent availability: We have appointments available usually within a few days. More importantly, we try to accommodate your schedule by offering weekend appointments at no additional charge. 

Convenient scheduling: In addition to schedule us by phone or email, we offer convenient scheduling directly from our website or your mobile device. 

Professional communication: We always communicate with our clients in a calm, neutral, and constructive manner. We are always friendly and enjoy educating our clients. A real estate agent recently gave us this compliment after an inspection:

You were awesome! I liked how you explained everything and how you stayed on point and didn’t rattle the client.


Let’s chat!

Give us a call and let’s get together. Let’s sit down, see whether we are a good fit for each other, and do an inspection together so you can see our style.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Alex Petting Mojo
Alex & Mojo The Home Pro