Home maintenance calendar – free download!

DDHI Home Maintenance Calendar

Do you have a hard time keeping track of home maintenance tasks? Not sure when it’s time to service the roof, HVAC system, or water heater again? Wish you had a home maintenance calendar?

This free digital home maintenance calendar helps you stay on top of your home maintenance tasks. It contains a list of important home maintenance tasks that will help you keep your home in good shape and prevent bad things from happening. 

Simply download the calendar file and then import it into your calendar. 

Download the home maintenance calendar file

Click this link to download the calendar: DDHI Home Maintenance Calendar

Add it to your calendar

Extract the zip file to your computer, then import/add the calendar into whatever digital calendar you use. 

For example, if you use Google Calendar, follow these instructions: Import events to Google Calendar

Keep your home in shape – one task at a time

The calendar spreads your home maintenance tasks out over the course of a year. Just one simple task every week or two – very manageable. 

Most of the tasks are very easy:

  • Some tasks just require you to push a few buttons or turn some levers.
  • Some tasks just require you to take a flashlight and look at stuff.
  • Some tasks just require you to pick up the phone to schedule a professional to come out for annual service. 
  • Each calendar task contains the basic steps on how to perform the task. 

Get more detailed information about home maintenance tasks 

If you want more detailed information about these home maintenance tasks, consider getting a copy of our Southern Arizona Home Maintenance Guide. Over 120 pages of great information, dozens and dozens of photos, log to track your home maintenance tasks, and all that in full color! Humor and ridiculously handsome puppers included at no extra charge! 


Get a home check-up

Still intimidated by the thought of home maintenance? Not sure where to start? Could use a little guidance? 

Consider getting a home check-up by a professional home inspector. You’ll get:

  • A detailed overview of the status of your home
  • A a list of things that require attention
  • A chance to ask a  home professional as many questions as you want
  • A free copy of our Southern Arizona Home Maintenance Guide

Contact us for more information.